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Gender Pay Gap Reporting 2019

Gender Pay Gap Reporting 2019
Grevan Cars Ltd

In line with current legislation Grevan Cars Ltd t/a Ocean is pleased to publish its findings regarding pay and gender. Whilst the motor trade has traditionally been dominated by male employees, Grevan Cars supports and is always keen to recruit female staff across all disciplines, actively encouraging women to move into management and to highergrade/
higher skills roles.

It is an integral part of our Company’s vision to continue to support women wishing to progress their careers within the motor industry. The figures published this year are an accurate reflexion of the gender pay gap within Grevan Cars and we continue to work towards reaching parity by supporting and
promoting women into management and higher-grade technical roles.

The 6 reporting criteria and the results are listed below:
1) The difference in the median pay of full-pay men and women is 23.1%

2) The difference in the mean pay of full-pay men and women is 31.2%

3) The difference in mean bonus pay of men and women is 43.2%

4) The difference in median bonus pay of men and women is 29.2%

5) 48.2% of women receive a bonus and 74.9% of men receive a bonus

6) In the lowest quartile 75.3% are men and 24.7% are women
In the lower middle quartile 66.1% are men and 33.9% are women
In the higher middle quartile 83% are men and 17% are women
In the highest quartile 93.8% are men and 6.2% are women

These figures have been reached using the mechanisms that are set out in the gender pay gap reporting legislation. As stated, it is still clear that the motor trade is very much a male dominated industry which is reflected in the figures above, with a higher proportion of male to female employees in all quartiles Grevan Cars offers flexible working patterns, for example, to staff with family commitments and paternity leave to new fathers, childcare vouchers are available to all staff across all disciplines.

Grevan Cars Ltd will continue to nurture and promote women into higher grade/higher
skills positions and looks forward to increasing the number of female members in
technical, management, higher skilled and senior roles.

I, Graham De Val, Group Managing Director of Grevan Cars Ltd, confirm that this
information is accurate.

Signed; Graham De Val
Dated; 1st March 2019